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My favorite part about being a photographer is meeting so many amazing people.  Every job I do whether it is a wedding, a kids shoot, a story for publication or a personal documentary project I am able to get to know every client.  I not only get to know them but many times I get to know their “story”.  Sometimes they will open up and share about their good times, hard times and triumphs in life.  My favorite is when they share life advice with me.  Just recently I had the pleasure of photographing a sweet lady and her husband for a National Charity League  publication.  Adrienne and her husband Morton will be married for 56 years this summer!  Those two love birds got married right out of high school!  We had a really fun photo shoot out in Palm Springs but I must admit the best part of the day was heading back to their home and having tea and macaroons while chatting about life for 2 hours.  Adrienne and Morton have 4 daughters and 10 grandchildren!  It just so happens that two of her grandchildren and I both went to the University of Arizona (small world, but well it is a huge college).  Morton also gave me a signed copy of one of the recent books he has written, Theodore Roosevelt Rides Again!  A few of my favorites lines of advice they gave me were this… go to college, get married after college and marry a college graduate!  Looks like I have those first two parts down!  Another piece if advice Adrienne shared was really impactful.  She has had a couple of daughters that have struggled with cancer.  She shared about how tough it was and that the last thing you want to hear from others at that time is “oh my aunt had cancer and she made it through” or “oh I am sure she will be fine”.  Adrienne put it the next way when she said she would say “Oh you have cancer?  That sucks!  Let’s go get lunch”.  She read that in a book years ago and shared that she loves how it addresses the crappy news, the truth that it will be a struggle and we don;t know the outcome but what we can do now is be together, have a little fun and go grab some lunch.  Maybe we should be looking at many parts of our life like that.  We have all been dealt our hand and we have the choice of how we want to play it.  Just wanted to share that little story with you.  I truly cherish all of the conversations I have and all the sweet people I meet along the way while being a photographer.  I would love to share the photo shoot of Adrienne and Morton but it will have to wait until after the story has been published!  Here are two sneak peeks until then!






Rachel Oh, that picture of the two of them? SO. SWEET.3.22.2011 – 2:55 pm

meghan kennedy so sweet. and i love your blog look and logo!! :)3.22.2011 – 2:58 pm

BankSea I really love your photography the focus is perfect, including the one on the top, the fact that not a single object is in complete focus makes the image really interesting to look at. The second one give great contrast in focus between the couple and background. And the saturation in both images is really awesome. I will definitely be back for more updates.3.22.2011 – 9:25 pm

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