{Wednesday Wallace is back with #15}

Ok, Wednesday Wallace is back and it will be continuous!  I think most of you know I am a dog lover.  Well here is my pup Reggie.  Although he is far from a pup.  reggie is 16 going on 187.  He is one old grandpa man.  You know how old people can get grumpy from time to time?  Well Reggie has entered that stage of oldness.  His eyes aren;t as sharp as a tac anymore so when he wants to go down the stairs in my house he no longer patiently waits, instead he starts with a faint crying whimper and build up to a bark which is clearly communicate “pick me up and carry me down these stairs pronto”!!  At first I thought is was cute and now I am considering building him a ramp so he doesn’t interrupt me watching American Idol anymore.  He is my bud though and he is a pretty good editing assistant as well (minus the snoring and sleeping on the job).  I hope he keeps going on strong and that he will live to be maybe 19 (a girl can dream right).  We lost our other dog Max last year and he was one month shy of 17.  I miss Max all the time.  He was great addition to the family and so is Reg.  I can’t imagine life without a dog.  Do any of you have pets you can’t live without?


You can link back to old Wednesday Wallace at my old blog here.


Christi Ferguson I LOVE REGGIE!! And I love this post =) I have a pet who is my best friend too!

Love the new blog Kate! It looks amazing!!3.22.2011 – 12:50 pm

Christi Ferguson LOVE THIS POST!! And love Reggie!! =)

The new blog looks absolutely amazing Kate, and I’m SO GLAD wednesday’s with wallace are back!3.22.2011 – 12:51 pm

Dani Scherf Your dog is so funny and so cute… and blind as a bat! Enjoyable! You know who my two loves are :) It’s always good to have your friend that is allergic to cats visit you at your apartment where you have two. Cow really enjoyed smelling your face 😀3.22.2011 – 5:28 pm

Erin Journigan How did our little Reggie turn into a little old man? He still has those precious eyes, sweet demeanor and loveable kisses even at 16 1/2 years old. Love him and love the pic!3.22.2011 – 3:46 pm

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